For every new story published, the revolutionary @hackernoon account automatically tweets about the story on the day of publication. We also add the first two tags as hashtags to make sure that your voice is heard!

To increase your exposure, if you link your Twitter account to your HackerNoon profile, your story will get tweeted by us twice! Once on the day of publication, and then the week after! BONUS

If your story is extra awesome, and one of our editors likes it so much that they make it a HackerNoon top story, we will tweet it out a THIRD time! How great is that?

You can also buy additional Twitter traffic to your HackerNoon stories. The profit margin of these promoted tweets go toward HackerNoon buying promoted tweets for the week’s top organic stories (see, Virtuous Circle of Promoted Tweets).

Additionally, we RT often. Tag @hackernoon to increase chances of being RT-ed.


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